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Tricia “CK” Hoffler is a partner with Edmond, Lindsay & Hoffler LLP, an Atlanta law firm that specializes in representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice, wrongful death and catastrophic personal injury. She joined the firm in October 2011. Prior to joining Edmond, Lindsay & Hoffler and for the past 25 years, Hoffler has practiced law and is licensed in Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida. In February 2012, Hoffler received her license to practice law in the State of Georgia.  She specializes in commercial litigation, employment discrimination, personal injury, medical negligence, wrongful death actions, and international and governmental relations.

Hoffler was educated in some of the finest schools in Switzerland, Canada and the United States.  She received her law degree from Georgetown University and her undergraduate degree from Smith College.

Hoffler brings a diverse set of skills and talent to the practice of law. She speaks French fluently and is proficient in Spanish and Portuguese.

As a trial lawyer, she has settled and tried cases totaling over three-quarters of a billion dollars, having run and managed a commercial litigation practice for close to 12 years for Gary, Williams, Lewis, Watson and Sperando, P.L., a Florida-based law practice led by Willie Gary.

Hoffler has managed several billion-dollar commercial cases, and in 2000, she co-led the trial team that won the largest medical negligence verdict ever in Roanoke, Virginia.  She has served as a trial lawyer on various other high-profile cases, including represention of the Roger Maris family against Anheuser-Bush in a breach of contract case which resulted in a $139 million dollar verdict.

Hoffler has also worked on significant civil rights and children’s rights cases that have resulted in bringing much needed justice for American citizens. She served as counsel in a class action lawsuit on behalf of 4,800 African-American civil service workers against the State of New York.  Better known as Simpson v. State of New York, this case resulted in a historic settlement for the plaintiffs in 2010, and forced the elimination of the “battery test” as a basis for promotion within the ranks of civil servants in New York.

Hoffler has extensive professional work experience throughout Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.  She has represented foreign interests and foreign governments, and lobbied on behalf of various foreign countries while in practice in Washington, DC.  She developed a new privatization practice for her firm in foreign markets, and managed the general representation of diverse local, national and international corporations and foreign governments.  She participated in her firm's  efforts to advise a foreign government on reformation of its drug trafficking and money laundering laws.  In addition, she has furnished advice and counsel to various African nations, including Angola, Guinea (Conakry) and Gabon, concerning election procedures and policies, and helped coordinate US Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) participation in elections.  She also provided on-going legal counsel to numerous foreign government clients in their democratization process.

A service-oriented attorney, Hoffler’s community involvement includes active participation in pro bono law clinics, extensive lecturing on First Amendment matters, women’s issues, children's concerns and international matters.  Currently, she is intricately involved in the merit retention efforts related to the Florida Supreme Court and co-chairs Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy Quince's campaign for merit retention.  

Hoffler currently serves on the boards of The Pine School (Stuart, Florida), Georgetown University Law Alumni Board  (Washington, DC), Planned Parenthood of South Florida and Women in Philanthropy (Stuart, Florida - founding member).  Past board service includes the Washington Urban League (Washington, DC), Norfolk Airport Authority (former commissioner, Norfolk, Virginia), Places and Programs for Children, Inc. (Norfolk, Virginia), Old Dominion University Education Foundation (Norfolk, Virginia), and Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia (Virginia Beach, Virginia).

Hoffler is a trailblazing trial lawyer and has received numerous accolades and awards for outstanding contributions to her profession and philanthropy.  Most recently, Hoffler was named "Woman of the Year" for 2011/2012 by the National Association of Professional Women for her demonstrated excellence and dedication within her profession. 

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